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  • Denver Botanic Gardens

  • Mind’s Eye

    What is your intention when you take a photo? What idea are you trying to convey, and how do you translate your thoughts into an image? How do you take what you see with your eyes and make your camera see the same thing?  

  • 8.8

    Continuing on with the “line” theme (well, loosely anyway) I decided to change things up this week and shot mostly at a wide normal focal length; 8.8mm on the LX3. I have really enjoyed shooting the last few weeks. Restricting myself to only shooting only what I can see as a “line” has actually freed…

  • An Afternoon Alone

  • Inspiration is a Process

    We all want to become better at this craft. So why is it that so many of us only take photos when we “feel inspired”? If you follow A Lesser Photographer then you may have already read this. Inspiration doesn’t “strike.” Inspiration is scheduled. I would add that inspiration is a process. Think about the…

  • Building Blocks

    I often struggle to find confidence with photography. I am afraid that if I shoot something  similar to what someone else has shot that I have failed because I did not create something that has not been created before. Or I feel like ‘I don’t have an eye for anything’ right now. I was encouraged…

  • Connection

    This week was a struggle for me to find any sort of photographic inspiration. Waiting until nearly the last minute, I finally forced myself out the door, falling back on “just shoot something”. It almost seems like the cyclist in the foreground is looking for a connection, maybe based on a common interest. But in…

  • Things Left Undone

    You know how you get excited about a new project? You get started, then distracted, and pretty soon you are worse off than before you began.

  • Focus

    One thing I really like about my LX3 is the manual focusing. There is a “focus” button on top to do an auto-focus over-ride which can help make manual focusing faster. But what is even better is an on screen DoF scale. The focus range changes with aperture and focal length to make hyperfocal focusing…

  • Looking Back

    I always go back and forth on reprocessing old photos I have taken; time spent revisiting old work is time spent not making something new. However, how many times have you looked back through old photos and discovered something you previously overlooked? Looking back also reminds me of things I tried that didn’t work out,…

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