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  • Around the Lake

  • End of Summer

    In Denver we are getting our first taste of winter today, so it seemed fitting to have a reminder of warmer weather. I have had a nice long break to collect my thoughts and have some rest from weekly posting. I was feeling a lot of pressure from the constant cycle of shoot/edit/post, with editing…

  • Fifty Two

    One year ago I started this project to reconnect with photography. In the beginning, my goal was to post weekly, while staying focused on photography (rather than the equipment). While there have been distractions, the marathon of shooting regularly for a year has helped me to build skills, build confidence and has helped me begin…

  • Out in the Sun

  • Suburban Winter II

  • Confidence

    As I am getting back into the swing of things, I am having to cover a lot of old ground. Like pushing my self to be creative, to even pick up the camera. I have lost some of the self confidence I had only a six months ago. I get a block if I feel…

  • Diagonal

  • Line and Shadow

  • Mind’s Eye

    What is your intention when you take a photo? What idea are you trying to convey, and how do you translate your thoughts into an image? How do you take what you see with your eyes and make your camera see the same thing?