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  • Union Station

  • Flowers

  • Birds on a Wire

  • Time Capsule

    I took this photo in the fall of 1996 for my high school photography class. I think the assignment was “an action photo”. My youngest brother and a neighbor obliged me and this is what I ended up with. This is the print I turned in for that assignment, the only touching up I have…

  • Long Weekend

    We spent a long weekend in Dallas with my family for Thanksgiving. We visited our favorite stores, hung out around the house and let the dog chase us on longboards. I also forced myself to face my fear of photographing complete strangers. It is uncomfortable, but in the end I am satisfied with the results.…

  • Looking Back

    I always go back and forth on reprocessing old photos I have taken; time spent revisiting old work is time spent not making something new. However, how many times have you looked back through old photos and discovered something you previously overlooked? Looking back also reminds me of things I tried that didn’t work out,…

  • Take a Walk

    For those of you affected by the violence this morning in Aurora, there are many of us who will be praying for you. When you don’t know what else to do, take a walk.