Tag: Shadow

  • Texas Sculpture Garden

  • Lights and Lines

    In an effort to simplify, one thing that I do not spend a lot of time in is post processing. Of course, I would like to learn to use Lightroom to it’s full capability, but for now, I have enough going on learning to take decent photos. I could spend hours on one photo in post…

  • Line and Shadow

  • Me and My Dog

  • 8.8

    Continuing on with the “line” theme (well, loosely anyway) I decided to change things up this week and shot mostly at a wide normal focal length; 8.8mm on the LX3. I have really enjoyed shooting the last few weeks. Restricting myself to only shooting only what I can see as a “line” has actually freed…

  • An Afternoon Alone

  • Building Blocks

    I often struggle to find confidence with photography. I am afraid that if I shoot something  similar to what someone else has shot that I have failed because I did not create something that has not been created before. Or I feel like ‘I don’t have an eye for anything’ right now. I was encouraged…