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  • From the Top

  • Mind’s Eye

    What is your intention when you take a photo? What idea are you trying to convey, and how do you translate your thoughts into an image? How do you take what you see with your eyes and make your camera see the same thing?  

  • 8.8

    Continuing on with the “line” theme (well, loosely anyway) I decided to change things up this week and shot mostly at a wide normal focal length; 8.8mm on the LX3. I have really enjoyed shooting the last few weeks. Restricting myself to only shooting only what I can see as a “line” has actually freed…

  • Focus

    One thing I really like about my LX3 is the manual focusing. There is a “focus” button on top to do an auto-focus over-ride which can help make manual focusing faster. But what is even better is an on screen DoF scale. The focus range changes with aperture and focal length to make hyperfocal focusing…

  • La Plata