Some of the greatest strengths of digital photography are also some of the greatest weaknesses. Shooting digital is essentially free once you have the initial cost of the camera out of the way. Shooting film there is additional cost involved. Shooting film you have to wait to see how it turned out. Shooting digital you have instant feedback. It seems that shooting digital will help you learn quickly because you have quick feedback, but that is not the case. When there is cost involved, be it time or money, you are more intentional. When you have to wait to see, you will make sure that you do it right. Do you want to create better photos? Slow down. After all, who wants to sort through 400 photos after a day trip to the zoo? Think about what you are going to do before you press the shutter. Be intentional, you will spend less time wondering how it will turn out.





2 responses to “Apprehension”

  1. Nancy Kerstetter Avatar
    Nancy Kerstetter

    I was thinking the same thing about quantity of digital shots. The other day I found myself snapping away and thought I should slow down and set up my photos, not go wildly, blindly shooting everything in sight just because I could. Makes for much better photographs.

    1. RussK Avatar

      Yes it does. It’s easy to blast away and get caught up in pressing the shutter. But what you end up with is a bunch of snap-shots that you are not happy with, when what you actually wanted is a few thought out photos.

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