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20140124-164037.jpg Slow to move to a smart phone, I am also slow to decide about moving to mobile photography as well. What I love about my LX3 is the size; it fits in my pocket so I can always have a camera with me. This is even more true with a phone, and now that I have a phone with a decent camera my “kit” is very compact.

20140124-164134.jpgMobile publishing is also intriguing to me. The idea of it is very nice, of course there are some limitations, photo editing software is not as robust as a computer, no keyboard, the WordPress app is not as easy for me to use.

There is a much smaller screen, but I think that in time I will be able to look at the phone and know what the photo will look like on a larger screen. The WordPress backend is very easy to use from a “it just works” perspective, I never code anything; the app will take some getting used to.

20140124-164212.jpgAs far as the camera itself goes, the main concern I have moving to such a small platform is low light performance. 800 is as high as I can go with the LX3 and even then the quality is marginal, going smaller will not help anything. I am also not sure about moving away from RAW. I have have always shot RAW, but I know a lot of people do not, it just makes me nervous.

Really though most of what I shoot are grab shots and will never be published other than electronically. From that view sensor size does not matter. It is also very convenient to capture, process and publish all in one spot. Now it’s a matter of putting some time in to try to work out the problems.







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  1. Bob Kerstetter Avatar

    The LX3 goes only to ISO 800? Surprising. Works for shooting in a lighted gym, but that’s about as dark as it does. Is that correct? While I really like the iPhone camera, I still carry my GXR. It sometimes creates graininess at ISO 3200, but not always. Some people refer to graininess as noise, but it looks like graininess to me. Maybe lots of things take on graininess as eyes age.

    1. RussK Avatar

      Only useable to 800, it goes to 3200.

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